Here at Delta Custom Refinishes we believe the kitchen is the heart and soul of every household. It is where family and friends gather and where memories are made. Delta Custom Refinishes strives to deliver the quality products you demand with a process that will effortlessly guide you through your kitchen refinish project!

Delta Custom Finishes offers premium cabinet painting services, residential commercial including personalized cabinets painting & stains refinishing for the way you live. Kitchen is where people focused on creating great experiences and lasting values for themselves and their families, your cabinet is more than a place to store things, and more than a personal expression of the look you love.  here at Delta Custom Finishes create the kitchen looks of your dreams.  Bathrooms cabinets and makeup vanities keep you decluttered and comfortable. Our cabinet painting and refinishing services provide great experience and lasting value.

Finding a cabinet painting company that you can highly trust is a challenging task. With incomparable knowledge and skills, you’ll surely be making a wise choice once you hire us. You’ll never know what our company can offer until you hire us and see how amazing we can work with all the work pressures and demands. The productive work of professionals in cabinet painting is evident in our impressive service record. You can see our finished works inside the

Delta Custom Finishes

If you are looking for a professional cabinets refinishing that can improve your Kitchen, you have come to the best place. Our refinishing and painting company offers great benefits for your kitchen and bathrooms cabinets.

Improving your Cabinets: A fresh coat of paint or stain glazed can give your kitchen an updated look, enhancing its beauty and personality. we have many colors and finishes available. 

Protecting your kitchen Cabinets: Refinishing your cabinets can also protect it from the elements, such as dirt, cooking grease and humidity a fresh coat of finish will be protected and prevents future damages 

As you can see, refinishing your cabinets is not only a cosmetic improvement but also a practical investment that can benefit you in many ways. If you are interested in hiring Us for your next cabinet refinishing, please contact Us for a free estimate. I guarantee you will be satisfied with the quality of my work and the results of Our company. 

Don’t replace your kitchen refinish, make look beautiful for a fraction of the cost! Meke look new for a fraction of the cost.

Wood Species and Stains

We are pleased to offer you an incredible selection of finishes for your cabinets which you can dress up with our most popular stains. From dark and rich to light and bright explore your options to pinpoint the combination that makes you feel right at home.



Ranges in color from creamy white to off-white sapwood, tinged occasionally with slight red-brown heartwood. Very hard, heavy, and strong wood. Closed grain with uniform texture takes finish well.


Red Birch

The color ranges from light red brown to pink heartwood and creamy white to yellow sapwood.

Hard wood, medium weight, very durable and strong. Uniform, fine grain has small pores and takes finish very well.



Light tan to brown heartwood and creamy white to gray sapwood.

Very hard, dense, and heavy wood.

Moderately open grain takes finish well. Resists effects of the environment well.



A dense, fine-grained hardwood ranging in color from light to dark chocolate brown. It is warm, rich in color and finishes well.



Light tan, slightly soft, closed-grain hardwood that accepts stains well.


Rustic Alder

A light and slightly soft hardwood with color varying from white and light tan to pale, pinkish brown.

Tight knots, pitch pockets, and character marks add personality.



The colors range from red to deep red-brown heartwood and white to yellow sapwood. Medium density.

Fine, closed grain takes light finishes well. Red color will darken richly with age.


Rustic Cherry

Enjoy all the characteristics of Cherry but with even more natural beauty. Tight knots, pitch pockets, and character marks enhance the visual appeal.


Wood Specialty Finishes

Choosing a door style is just the beginning for a custom Wood kitchen. If you’ve chosen a stain finish you can stop right there or customize with a glaze, distressing, or combinations.

If you choose one of our popular paint colors or a custom paint color, you can layer it in a glaze, a Linen glaze, or one of our distressing packages – Aged, Rubbed, Heritage, Vintage – for an even more custom and richer look.


Custom Paint Colors

Don’t see what you want in our paint colors? Bring us a paint Swatch or a sample of the item you want to match, and our Color Masters will produce a custom paint just for you. Then we’ll produce a full-sized sample door in the style you choose so you can take it home and make sure you love it.


Vintage Finishes

Primed and painted wood is treated with an innovative blend of light glazing, rasping, rub-off, worm holes, stress cracks, dents, and smooth worn edges, then sealed with a clear topcoat. Available in any paint color on Maple with Low Sheen.